Thank you for the wait, and I’m happy to say that my storenvy has been reopened and new A5 prints have been added *throws confetti at myself*

I would recommend reading this post before purchasing or participating in the giveaway.


Size: A5, 21cm x 14.8cm
(some prints are slightly smaller in width/height, depending on artwork size)

Price: 5 USD
Shipping Price: 1 USD (Asean + Asia Pacific), 2 USD (International) 
Paper: Ivory Card, 180 gsm

Other products which are currently available at the store:

  • Pin badges (I’m gonna add this in but I don’t have much left)
  • I’ll add larger prints next time and when the post office stops being such a bitch

4+2 Free Promotion
Purchase four A5 prints and receive two A5 prints for free

2+1 Free Promotion
Purchase two A5 prints and receive one A5 print for free

Sale ends at 1st September 2014.

  1. I ship worldwide.

  2. Two winners will win an A5 print of their choice (shipping included, so you don’t have to pay for anything).

  3. You must be following me (rynisyou or sheryn-ng, whichever blog is fine), since this gift is my thanks for your support. If you have multiple tumblr blogs for reblogging, just list your main blog on the sidebar.

  4. You can like and reblog as many times as you want.

  5. No giveaway blogs.

  6. Remember to activate your ask box. I will message the winner through there. (my main account is ofpapersandinks, so please don’t think it’s a spam when I message you lol)

  7. Do not edit or delete the text I’ve written in this post or you’re disqualified. I will check everything above before putting you into the list.

  8. If the response is good for this round I may add more winners.

  9. Giveaway ends at the midnight, 30th August 2014 (GMT+0). Winner will be announced at 31st August 2014, 10.00PM (GMT+0). If you do not respond to my ask (in private) in 24 hours, I will pick another winner.

Thanks again for your support, and good luck. 

  oops wrong art blog haha crap


i played this game and then i was so sad i can’t move


fanart of uta, from tokyo ghoul by ishida sui

(goes down on my knees, please, give us more Uta backstory…)



Want a chance to win a copy of the artbook?

Simply REBLOG this post to be entered. LIKES DO NOT COUNT.

If you purchase a book before the giveaway ends and win a copy, money will be refunded! There will be ONE winner!

Giveaway will end the same time as Preorders end so you have until the 10th AUGUST.

Winner will be chosen at random.


Preorders are open for the Chartreuse Light: Kyoukai no Kanata fanbook!


Artbook set: A copy of the fanbook. *FIRST 25 ORDERS WILL RECEIVE A 6X4” PRINT AT RANDOM*

Silver set: A copy of the fanbook, BOTH 6x4” prints and a Ai Acrylic Charm!

Prints: Prints are available to buy as well!

Hiromi print by: HARUKAAAAAAA
Ai charm by: NUMILKTEA

All profits will go towards the Guest Artists!
Preorders end 10TH AUGUST 2014.

Please spread the word!

Thank you to all the Guest Artists involved in this project, none of this would’ve been possible without you!

A big thanks as well to everyone that is supporting the project!


REBLOG this post to be entered in the giveaway. LIKES DO NOT COUNT.



It’s time for another giveaway! 

This time, the winner can choose any three ‘Aesop’s Fables’ prints. Prints are signed by me and printed on Somerset Velvet Giclee paper, and image size is 5x5”.

So what do you have to do? Just like this post! To increase your chances, reblog it too!

I’ll be announcing the winner Friday the 18th in the evening, so keep an eye out!

Psst… you can see all of the Aesop’s Fables pieces here.


Tokyo Ghoul’s pretty cool uvu <33