HEYYy. I’ve recently hit a couple hundred followers and I really reaaallly appreciate every follow. THANK YOU SO MUCH grovels at each of you!!! TO CELEBRATE I’d like to just give away my gross art. 

How to Enter/Rules:

  • Like and/or reblog. (Multiple reblogs don’t count)  
  • Feel free to use side blogs if you want. 
  • NO giveaway blogs or an empty, lurker blogs  
  • You don’t have to be following me to win. 
  • Winner will be picked using random number generator. 
  • …um that’s it I’m not good at these things 

The winner will get some free art from me. Wow amaze. It won’t be chicken poop, I’ll definitely put effort into it. I just ask that your request be appropriate and plausible, I don’t have the widest range of skills so bear with me! You can also ask for chibi art instead of regular styled art. 

One winner will be picked on May 1st. 
Good luck everyone! Thanks. 

300 Followers Sticker Giveaway



So I did hit the number (wowowowow) So I guess I should try this…

Potential ideas for stickers include Snufkin (Moomin), Baka-Ouji (Level-E), Kurama (YuYu Hakusho), Yue (Cardcaptor Sakura), Hoozuki (Hoozuki no Reitetsu)??? These are just ideas I have atm, so no guarantees….


DIPPER SIBS!!!!!! ; q ;;; they have bear hats bc big & little dippers are depicted as bears or something.


imaizumi thinks he’s cute

i colored the left one but i like the lines better afldk


from two of my favorite Studio Ghibli films,

I give you prince mononoke and lady howl. I had alot of fun painting this ! hope you guys like.

Again please reblog from me if you want to share on your tumblr! I would greatly appreciate it ;w; ! <3 and thank you all for looking out for me from those who post my stuff without crediting me.

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